May 29, 2021

Are You Ready?

Thank you for your interest in learning more about LAMA™. The course that will help you Learn About Medicare Advantage plans.

LAMA™ is a comprehensive online course that teaches healthcare providers, ancillary staff, administrators, and vendors the ins and outs of Medicare Advantage practices.

LAMA™ is the course that will help you understand:

  • How healthcare providers generate revenue
  • How medical expenses affect the flow of funds in a practice
  • Patient population management
  • Clinical quality measures
  • Healthcare credentialing
  • How to read your practice financial reports
  • Legal issues surrounding the practice of medicine
  • Marketing your physician practice
  • BONUS – Personal Finance Tips

You might not be ready to take a comprehensive course on population management so I have created a course with only four modules that will help you understand the basics and it’s FREE. LAMA™ is a data dump of everything that I have learned about Medicare Advantage plans and I hope that this will help you in your journey to be the best healthcare provider that you can be.

Click on this link to sign up for your FREE course today.