August 1, 2019

Medicare Advantage 101 and the Advanced Course

Medicare Advantage 101 and the Advanced Courses will provide you with all of the information necessary to understand what Medicare Advantage practices are all about and how revenue is generated to the primary care provider, specialists, and durable medical equipment providers.  You will also gain an understanding of how prescription drug benefits impact patients, the provider, and health plans.  Every LAMA™ course module will contain real-life case scenarios to help you grasp topics and concepts better.

Courses are grouped in different modules and each module will contain units.  Units may include quizzes that you will be required to take prior to advancing to the to the next module.

  1. Medicare Advantage 101 

    1. Definitions¹
    2. Revenue Generation
    3. Specialist and Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers
    4. Pharmacy Costs

Medicare Advantage Advanced Course focuses on facility related expenses and how the practice, the IPA,  and health plan revenue is impacted.

  1. Medicare Advantage Advanced Course
    1. Hospitals Related Expenses
    2. Skilled Nursing Facility Related Expenses
    3. Ambulatory Surgery Centers
    4. Radiology
      1. Hospital vs free-standing facility
      2. Cost effective ordering of procedures
      3. How owning certain equipment can decrease cost, increase revenue, and boost patient satisfaction
    5. Case Scenarios

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