October 13, 2020

Thought Leader Webinar for Providers

FREE Webinar on How to Grow Revenue, ​​​​​​​Manage Patients, & Reduce Stress

What you will learn in this webinar…

  • Alarming Trends in Healthcare Every healthcare provider should be aware of some alarming trends facing our healthcare system today.
  • 3 Tips to Financial Freedom After years of practicing medicine, Jude A. Pierre, MD will share his journey to being debt free and how he is managing a thriving practice.
  • Key Concepts in Population Health Healthcare providers need to help their patients live long and the key is to understand how to manage populations.

Jude A. Pierre, MD

Dr. Pierre (aka Coach JPMD) is a practicing internist that envisions a medical education system where healthcare providers are not limited by what they learn about caring for patients in residency. Knowledge acquisition beyond residency training is key to a successful career in medicine and a fulfilling life.

Daniel Hughes

Dan is an Impact Advisor, Advocate and Social Entrepreneur. He is passionate about bringing innovation, investing and influence capital together. He will be the host of this webinar.