Decrypting Practice Reports

This course is designed to help healthcare providers understand basic financial, clinical, and medical practice reports.  Providers who understand practice reports make better decisions about overhead expenses and revenue opportunities.   Understanding how to read reports on patient population can improve patient care.

Module 1Practice Reports
Lesson 1Software, Terms, and Reports
Lesson 2Membership Reports
Module 2Manipulating a Report
Lesson 1Manipulating the Roster
Lesson 2Live Demo
Module 3MRA/HCC Reports
Lesson 1MRA Reports
Lesson 2Summary Report
Lesson 3Member MRA Profile Report
Module 4HEDIS Reports
Lesson 1HEDIS Dashboard
Lesson 2HEDIS Measure Pending/Completed
Lesson 3Provider Score Card
Module 5Patient Surveys
Lesson 1Sample Survey
Module 6Managed Care Expense Reports
Lesson 1Payment Tree
Lesson 2Summary of Expenses
Lesson 3Institutional Claims
Lesson 4Outpatient/ER Claims
Lesson 5Professional/Physician Claims
Lesson 6Prescription Claims
Module 7Funding Reports
Lesson 1Surplus or Deficit?
Module 8Revenue Calculation
Lesson 1Old School Way - FFS Model for PCP
Lesson 2Managed Care Way with Capitation
Module 9Profit and Loss Statement
Lesson 1Profit and Loss Report
Lesson 2Practice Revenue
Lesson 3Operating Expenses
Lesson 4Overhead Expenses
Lesson 5Summary
Lesson 6Wrap-Up and Quiz