August 16, 2019

LAMA™ 6-week Course Listing

3. Medicare Advantage Advanced Course

Module 1Hospital/Facility Related Expenses
Lesson 1MLR and Hospital vs Outpatient Expenses 
Lesson 2Survey 
Lesson 3No perfect Answer 
Lesson 4Walk-In Patients 
Lesson 5In-Patient Procedures 
Lesson 6Summary 
Module 2Skilled Nursing Facility Related Expenses
Lesson 1Managing Your Patients 
Lesson 2Case Scenario 
Lesson 3Summary 
Module 3Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Expenses
Lesson 1Definitions 
Lesson 2Case Scenarios 
Lesson 3ASC vs Hospitals 
Lesson 4Trends and Awareness 
Lesson 5Summary 
Module 4Radiology Centers
Lesson 1Radiology Testing 
Lesson 2Payment and Billing 
Lesson 3Radiology Procedures in the Office 
Lesson 4Communicating with Radiologist 
Lesson 5Summary