August 16, 2019

LAMA™ 6-week Course Listing

4. Clinical Quality Measures

Module 1Quality Measures Defined
Lesson 1Intro
Lesson 2HEDIS
Lesson 3Payment Tree.... Again 🙂
Lesson 4Domains of Care
Lesson 5CMS Star Ratings
Module 2Examples of HEDIS Measures
Lesson 1Adult BMI
Lesson 2Management of Care Measures
Lesson 3Colon Cancer Screening
Lesson 4Diabetes Mellitus Management
Lesson 5Member Experience
Lesson 6Health Plan Customer Service
Lesson 7Part D Measures
Module 3Star Score Formula and the Impact on Quality
Lesson 1Star Score Formula
Lesson 2Impact of Quality Measures
Lesson 3CAHPS and HOS
Lesson 4Communication
Module 4Summary
Lesson 1Wrap-up