BONUS – Personal Finance Tips

Learn the best practices in personal finance from financial experts and coaches with the heart of humble teachers.  This section will be led by my very own financial coach, Sonja Palomino.

Sonja became a financial coach after her family almost lost everything, and it inspired her to learn how to turn her family’s finances around, get out of debt, and get the financial weight of the world off her shoulders. In 2004, with a new baby on her hip, a new house under construction, a 401K loan, and up to their eyeballs in credit card debt, Sonja’s family had a $70K reduction in income overnight. Through the guilt and shame and at one of the lowest times in her life, her passion was ignited.  Making that transition from debt to freedom is not optional.  Sonja believes that physicians work too hard to work for everyone else and not have anything left for themselves or their families.

Module 1Do You Have A Budget?
Lesson 1Do You Have a Budget? 
Module 2Financial Roadmap
Lesson 1Financial Roadmap 
Module 3Dave Ramsey 7 Steps
Lesson 1Dave Ramsey's Seven Steps 
Module 4Financial Goals
Lesson 1Financial Goals 
Module 5Accountability
Lesson 1Accountability 
Module 6Summary
Lesson 1Summary