Legal Issues 101: Planning for Your Family and Your Business

Legal 101: Planning for Your Family and Your Business is broken into three Modules: Estate Planning, Asset Protection Planning, and Business Planning. Module 1 – Estate Planning surveys basic estate planning and how to provide for one’s family if incapacitated or at death. Module 2 – Asset Protection describes common tools and techniques to protect one’s self and assets from liability exposure. Module 3 – Business Planning looks at terms in a typical physician employment agreement and entities that are used when forming a new business.

Module 1Legal 101 Introduction
Lesson 1Introduction to Course  - Preview 
Lesson 2Estate Planning Intro  - Preview 
Lesson 3Objectives 
Lesson 4What Is Estate Planning? 
Lesson 5Myths 
Lesson 6Common Terms 
Lesson 7Common Terms 2 
Lesson 8Importance 
Lesson 9Wrap Up 
Lesson 10Legal Issues 101 - Module #1 Test 
Module 2Asset Protection
Lesson 1Intro and Objectives 
Lesson 2What Is It? 
Lesson 3Strategies 
Lesson 4Timing Matters 
Lesson 5Wrap Up 
Lesson 6Legal Issues 101 - Module #2 Test 
Module 3Business Planning
Lesson 1Introduction 
Lesson 2Objectives 
Lesson 3Employment Agreement Terms 
Lesson 4Noncompetes 
Lesson 5Business Entity 
Lesson 6PA vs PLLC 
Lesson 7Wrap Up 
Lesson 8Legal Issues 101 - Module #3 Test