Healthcare Credentialing – Preview

The credentialing lessons of this course will cover topics that providers need to understand in order to get paid by insurance companies.  Most insurance companies require that you are credentialed with them in order to see patients under that plan.  Practicing medicine without proper credentials can lead to the loss of privileges at hospitals and can also lead to patients being assigned to other providers.

Module 1Healthcare Credentialing
Lesson 1Intro and Definitions 
Lesson 2Getting Your Medicare Number 
Lesson 3Poll 
Lesson 4CAQH 
Lesson 5Purpose of Credentialing 
Module 2Important Numbers to Have
Lesson 1NPI and DEA Numbers 
Lesson 2Case Scenario #1 
Lesson 3Case Scenario #2 
Module 3Credentialing Checklist
Lesson 1Credentialing Checklist 
Module 4Summary
Lesson 1Wrap Up 
Lesson 2Ready to Learn More?