BONUS – Personal Finance Tips

Learn the best practices in personal finance from financial experts and coaches with the heart of humble teachers.  This section will be led by my very own financial coach, Sonja Palomino. Sonja became a financial coach after her family almost lost everything, and it inspired her to learn how to turn her family’s finances around,
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Marketing 101 – Marketing Your Medicare Advantage Practice

Marketing your medical practice does not come naturally to most healthcare providers.  This course introduces practical marketing tools that will help providers grow their patient panels.  It is also important to understand how to retain patient in your practice and create a positive atmosphere.  In this course, I will share personal experiences that have helped
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Decrypting Practice Reports

This course is designed to help healthcare providers understand basic financial, clinical, and medical practice reports.  Providers who understand practice reports make better decisions about overhead expenses and revenue opportunities.   Understanding how to read reports on patient population can improve patient care.

Clinical Quality Measures

Physicians and other healthcare providers are now being graded on their ability to provide quality care.  This course will detail important aspects of how clinical quality measures are collected and reported.  Quality scores are being tied to practice and physician performance and have been shown to improve patient care.

Medicare Advantage Advanced Course

The Medicare Advantage Advanced Course dives deeper into how different medical facilities and entities affect revenue for the provider, the IPA, and the insurance company.  The advanced course also describes patient scenarios related to caring for patients on a Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare Advantage 101

Medicare Advantage 101 will provide you with the information necessary to understand what Medicare Advantage practices are and how revenue is generated to the primary care providers, specialists, and durable medical equipment providers.  You will gain an understanding of how prescription drug benefits impact patients, the provider, and health plans.  LAMA™ course modules will contain real-life case
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Course Resources

This course is dedicated to providing you all of the resources mentioned in various lessons.  We will update this page periodically to make sure that the information is current.